>New Year, Same Heart

>Step out into the freshness of the New Year! It lets us walk away from all that has happened last year and look ahead to all that is yet to come, not in forgetting but learning and moving on. I’ve heard over and over how resolutions are ridiculous, or not taken seriously, or made to be broken. January 1st is merely the gift of starting fresh that we need to move forward. Be they resolutions, goals, or determined deeds (whatever you wish to call them), I think they are good for us. Here are a few things that I would like to better myself in…

Enjoy each moment ~ Breathe Love ~ Listen Harder ~ Speak Slower ~ Take Time Out ~ Pray Purposefully ~ Talk to God as soon as I wake up everyday ~ Read my Bible, not just to read it but to love it ~ Walk Slower, so that I can really see what is around me ~ Drink more water ~ Encourage people around me ~ Thank the bagger/checker every time I go through the grocery line ~ Focus on one thing at a time ~ Continue to Dream Big!

Happy New Year


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