>Treasure in a Stream of Light

>Today is an adventure. God has given us the map. Jesus leads the way. With the Holy Spirit as our faithful companion, it is up to us to find the treasure that today may hold.

I was walking through the woods the other day. It was a cold crisp morning and there was a beautiful and haunting fog. The kind of day that makes one forget what time it is and makes one want to quietly wonder about all sorts of things in life. As I walked along, the fog cleared just enough and the sun came bursting through the trees. In that beautiful moment, I wanted time to stop. Just long enough, so that I could play in God’s light. I ran over to a sun stream and jumped in it, feeling the warmth through the winter’s air. For a moment, I was a little girl just playing outside enjoying God’s creation.

I think we need more moments like that, where we take time to enjoy the Light of Christ through the fog of our busy lives and to delight in the simple things the Lord has blessed us with. I pray that in the business of life, I can catch those treasures to pause and watch a bird, stand long enough in one place to feel the warmth of the winter sun, or quiet my busy mind to listen to the rain.

“The heavens are telling of the glory of the Lord, the expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1&2


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