>The Forest Wild

>Children’s author, Mercer Meyer, wrote a story about Herbert the timid dragon who wanted to be a brave Knight. Herbert the Dragon lives “in the forest wild.” Although I’m hardly timid, I do associate with his desire for adventure. I also feel as if I’ve grown up on the edge of “the forest wild.” This isn’t a scary thing at, but rather a comfort. Now I live in the city wild and I miss the comfort of the forest.

Trees help me think clearer…
Ok, so the trees don’t actually help me think,
but the way that God made them is worth stopping to reflect on.

Generally speaking
Trees –
– stand strong
– point to the heavens
– dig deep to have strong roots which gives them a strong foundation
– the seasons of change are very important to its growth…
And the list goes on for quite some time.

If I am like a tree and Jesus is the gardener… much to ponder. I’m going to leave this for you to ponder (exposition would defeat the purpose of a short blog entry.)

When was the last time you took time out to just look at the world around you?

Perhaps you could use a fresh perspective…

even if it comes from the edge of the forest wild.

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