>I was a Neighborhood Party Crasher


A couple of weeks ago I was walking around Wallingford (Just a hop and skip over the Fremont bridge from SPU), when I happened upon people having a bar-b-que in the middle of the street. I had stumbled upon one of the hundreds of “National Night Out” block parties!!! As the neighborhood children ran around climbing trees, peopled talked, and got to meet their neighbors. Food was shared amongst strangers and anyone happening to pass (including myself). Between the bagpipe band and accordion player, the fire department sent a truck over and gave kids a tour. These people know how to encourage neighborhood safety.

This national party happens annually, all because one man had the idea that throwing a block party would help people get to know their neighbors – creating safer neighborhoods!

After all, isn’t being a good neighbor what following Jesus is all about? National awareness has created the perfect opportunity to be just that. So don’t miss out – mark your calendar for next year’s night out and spend a pleasant evening getting to know your neighbors.


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