>The Joy of Being Alone

I miss Hawaii.
It probably doesn’t help that it has been very warm today and I was just listening to Jack Johnson.

If I’d have been there any longer I would have either started going stir crazy or I would’ve begun to adjust to the island lifestyle.
(It is hard to imagine as anyone who knows me will understand that I have a hard time sitting still… ever!)

I miss the Hawaiian culture.
I love the importance they have on children and family.
I love the colors of Oahu – People – Clothes – Flowers – The Sea! Amazing
I love that even with all the tourists there are always secluded places where one can feel completely alone.

The good kind of alone… Just me and God.
This kind of alone is joy.
Joy like…
…warm sand between your toes
…fragrant plumeria on the breeze
…sun kisses

(See why I miss Hawaii?)

In my crazy busy life, its easy to push God into the corners of the day instead of remembering that He belongs in the center.

Since I’m not running off to a secluded Island anytime soon,
I shall endeavor to find secluded places in the crowds.
Places where I can just BE…
Just me and God.


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