>Rearranging Books

> Someone recently told me that rearranging books is very therapeutic. I wonder at this logic, since it seems to take me forever to move my books. Once I have them a certain way, I leave them like that… for years! The more I know about the authors, the more fun I have puting them on the shelf. Dickens goes next to Hawthorne – But I think that they would fight so I might let alphebatizing slide and let Hemingway mediate. Can you imaging a fight between Dickens and Hawthorne being refereed by Hemingway? Ridiculous. Hemingway would have them wrestling before a bell could toll. Whitman would probably have to come in and calm everyone down by talking about leaves and grass. Or I could just let Louisa May Alcott distract everyone with her tales of long, fatal love chases. (Thats why I keep the female authors on a seperate shelf – Too racey and distracting for the likes of the Old Man at sea and too improprietous at the House of Seven Gables.) However, I keep Grace Livingston Hill with the ladies, because the men would make fun of her for writing the same book with different settings 32 times. They all agree upon my ‘special’ collection having a shelf of their own; Lewis, MacDonald, Chesterton, and Sheldon – to name a few.

I’m not quite sure how therapeutic this type of arranging is, all I know is that my books need dusting!


One thought on “>Rearranging Books

  1. splatter's film blog January 1, 2010 / 7:55 pm

    >Nan! I love love love this! You are too too wonderful. I love how you rearrange your books. Perhaps we can hire elves to do the dusting – book elves. They exist right? I love you.

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