>Would you go to such extremes??

>I have 6 Bibles of various sizes, colors, and versions sitting in my room… not to mention the immediate availability at my finger tips through my itouch and my mac.

I wonder if the ease with which we have access to God’s Word is the excuse we use to treat our Bibles with less care and attention than we often give our shoes?!?

Fayad’s lives in a country where Christianity is punishable by death. He said he had little privacy and there was no way for him to read God’s Word. Some Christian friends decided to purchase small memory cards for Fayad’s cell phone and fill them with Christian music and the Bible. Fayad proclaimed, “I can use the memory card and headphones, and if ever I get in a dangerous situation I can just swallow the memory card.”

This puts my 5 minutes before work or before bed to shame.

Would I risk death to read my Bible? Would you? How far are you willing to go to read God’s Word?

I face no risks, today, to read God’s Word. So, encouraged by the people like Fayad, I will joyfully adore the Word God has given to me, TODAY!


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