>Summer Studies…

>Just of the few of the terms that have emerged over the past three days…

Intelligent Design, Neo-Darwinism, Science Day (said with surprising delight, from someone else), Irreducible Complexity, Old & Young Earth, Creationism, Micro & Macro, Common Descent, Natural Selection, Fundamentalist, The Cambrian Explosion, From Genes to Proteins is their Dogmatic, Centrasome’s & 2 headed Tadpoles, Jurassic Park Model, and the Borg…


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  1. >Let's be Google friends..I guess? Thanks for following my Blog! Maybe now that we are away from Discovery Institute, I can share some of my insights from that amazing week! What do you think? Is it safe to 'come out of the ID closet' just a little bit (always remembering, of course, to phrase it in Neo-Darwinian Language, of course, so as not to appear to be one of those "sympathetic to ID") I hope since you're not going into the sciences, it's ok to post what I just did on your page!? :-$

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