>Puzzling Over Life

>Have you ever dumped an entire 1000+ piece puzzle out in a pile – initially you think you’ll never find any matches. Life is like this.
Life is unexpected.
Things don’t go together the way you think they should – even when they look like they do…

But as you s.l..o…w….l…..y go through the days and events,
full of people and places of all shapes, colors, and sizes – pictures start to emerge….

You look back and can see what was going on, how that situation taught you this, and even how those times made you laugh and cry…

Then there is that one piece that seems like it must’ve gotten mixed in from a different puzzle, because it just doesn’t match up…

And you worry because you are afraid you will miss pieces or lose them…

There is no way that I can imagine how all of the edges amazingly fit together…

The reason – because I am not the Map Maker, but I know Who is.
He is the only one who can see the picture that is my life.

My paraphrase of Psalm 32:8,
“Watch, learn, I’m strategically piecing your life together the way I see it. Trust me.”



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