>1-11-11 @ 11:11 Ordinary & Extraordinary


I celebrated a 1 minute party last night at 11:11pm

Why?!?! you may ask… 11:11 happens 2x a day, every day, without fail.
Time is, in fact, one of the consistent elements in life that God has given to us.

I celebrated the ORDINARY… when was the last time you took a minute to thank God simply for being consistent… for making the sun rise? For letting it rain? For giving you another heart beat… and another and another and another.

I too often take for granted the ordinary. I have come to expect the wonderful gifts of breathing and simply waking up and falling asleep.

Yesterday was 1-11-11 so at 11:11 pm I celebrated 1 minute of joy and delight in what God has given me that I don’t usually think about – let alone bother thanking Him for.
So at 11:11 pm I sent a few people a text telling them I was celebrating – I was thanking God for them! Sometimes I take you for granted… so today I want you to know that you are always on my VIP list to all of my parties – the ordinary and the extraodinary!


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