The Naked Mind, Bowling, and 3am Owls

Something I learned in writing my 10 page paper…

Matthew Henry’s exposition of Romans 1:5

“It does not consist in a notional knowledge or a naked assent, much less does it consist in perverse disputing, but in obedience. This obedience to the faith, answers the law of faith. The act of faith is the obedience of the understanding to God revealing, and the produce of that is the obedience of the will to God commanding.”

My own paraphrase –

This as an interconnected obedience out of faith from an understanding that God is in charge and that He is the one who is giving us the power to act of our own free wills in a manner that is better than trading theological rhetoric as if it is simply something with which we can pass the time.

And I only got 3 hrs of sleep last night to finish it… ok I’ll confess – I was out bowling at the Garage until 1am because it was my roommates birthday and then I had to come back and finish the paper. But I’d do it again in a heart beat!
—> Side note love this little book – “Little Hoot”

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