“The Mad Platter”

Oddly Shaped Scotty Dog Tin…

St. Patrick’s Day Beanie Baby…

Old Work Notebooks…

Pewter Bear Pin…

Winnie the Pooh Sweater…

Painted Saw Blade Clock…

and a hundred other odds and end – I just don’t NEED them!!!

However, I am not ready to see my small brass duck and bunny go nor my white horse with pink mane (bought at the $10,000 Silver Dollar Store when I was a little girl!)

I’m finally going through my room and actually getting rid of stuff. Including good pairs of shoes (cute but I never wear them) and seriously considering which old books I actually care about.

Good news – I finally got my clothes folded, moving boxes unpacked, and stuff stored away for fall.

Maybe by the 4th trip to good will I can start to enjoy looking through my stuff – probably will come once I’ve gone beyond the Care Bears and Christmas boxes.

I, however, did find the perfect book to read!

More about Mark Twain later.

Off to play Alice and make my way through Wonderland. (I have an Alice in Wonderland Barbie.)

~ “The Mad Platter”



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