Emotional Counseling From Kristen Stewart

Sometimes there is so much going on…

You try to take it all in… And act accordingly.

But when your head is a spinning top of moving,  finances, and schedules and your heart is stuck on the 5th level of Atari’s Pong (Perhaps I’ll expound on that metaphor soon, something along the lines of slow and steady, annoyingly steady at times – but as for now – I don’t have the time!), you simply can’t be expected to come up with the right expressions for all of the emotions going on… so I looked at this and felt so much better. When in doubt simply respond with the easiest or most oblivious look possible.

Thank you, Kristen Stewart!

(P.s. I hold nothing against her personally, I was merely amused, entertained, and encouraged to be myself by this!)




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