“His Girl Friday” vs “Hudsucker Proxy”

Week 2 of my senior year started with a rush of deadlines and a request for an extension… and its only Tuesday! You’d think after so many years I’d have a better handle on balancing the social-personal-ministerial-academic-caffeinated sides of college. (And yes, caffeine gets its own own section!) I’m taking my first English class, almost dropped it, then didn’t… because what doesn’t kill me will help me. Or at least in true Calvin & Hobbes style it will build character right?!? I’m also taking Media Journalism and Ethics which will create an interesting cacophony of information swirling around in my head.

I admittedly am rather excited about writing. I’m still a little undecided as to which of these two ladies I feel more like at the moment. Perhaps the deciding factor should be whether I’m playing opposite Cary Grant in His Girl Friday fashion or Tim Robbins in Hudsucker Proxy

However, I probably ought not to let my leading man decide the sway of the pendulum as to what sort of journalist I am.

Deadlines are calling!


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