For the People who Hate Fall

Everything is dying and going into hibernation.

The lush green is being replaced by the autumn colors – like a dwindling fire.

The beautiful summer days, with warm breeze and hints of laziness have been replaced with the crisp, cold air of fall.

Late night star gazing chats and plans of summer bar-b-ques have been replaced with fireside chats and movie nights.

Watermelon has been replaced with the end of season tomatoes fresh salsa.

Iced tea has been traded for that perfect cup of hot coffee.

And oh the colors…

I attempt to empathize with those suffering from the sad loss of summer, but I admit I can’t!

After all, sometimes the best conversations are had while sharing an umbrella.(By the way, its a lie that people in Seattle don’t like them… we LOVE them. We just forget to carry them.)

The academics of autumn certainly hits at the worst time possible… but according to one of my professors the work is meant to keep us mischief makers out of trouble. (Perhaps that’s why I’ve been in school so long? Ponderous.

It seems the Lord knew what he was doing when he made the seasons.





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