The Marshmallow Self-Control Test

On this Monday morning I need some serious discipline in order to get my work done.

This means I need some self-control-  which I found inspiration for from these kids.

Youtube Marshmallow Test

This test was done on kids in the 80’s and they followed them for the next 20 years or so, and sure enough, the kids who were able to have self-control at 4 years old were all around more successful.

How many 4 year olds do you know could be left alone with a marshmallow for 5 minutes, with the promise that if they waited, upon the adults return they could have 2 marshmallows – or they could settle for instant gratification. (Seems like I know more adults these days that choose the instant gratification over lasting satisfaction.) Which one are you?

Perhaps I should try some of these kids’ ideas for passing the time???

Side Note… I don’t really like marshmallows… so my incentive today – COFFEE 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Marshmallow Self-Control Test

  1. vicki couchman February 6, 2012 / 1:59 pm

    My name is Vicki Couchman I am the owner of the Photograph on this blog.. of the Girl with the Marshmallow….there is no way of saying this lightly you are in breech of my copyright and so must take the photo down immediately. This breech was brought to my attention by a magazine editor who kindly got my information from the Metadata in the photo used on your blog to contact me and ask my permission and pay me a fee for the use of it.. I dont know where you got the photo from I would be very interested. The photo has been on your blog without any identification or link to me or byline. Please note that information is in the photo so you could have retieved that info and asked my permission.. if of course you would like to keep the image up on your site… i would be happy to allow this with a payment made to me and a link to my blog immediately or you will need to take it down and i will take no further action

    thankyou vicki

    • anniemaeblog February 6, 2012 / 8:43 pm

      Thank you for saying something! I hope you enjoyed the visit and am glad my blog could draw some attention for us both!

      For those who read this and would like to see Vicki’s picture type “little girl with marshmellow” into google images and she is the super excited hyper blonde 5 year old, with pig tails having a stare down with a marshmellow!

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