Black Friday Part 2/2

This post was going to be a 3 part post… but I slept through the 2nd installment

Anthropology opened at 6 am the Bravern so my mom and sisters and I were there with Bells on. They had 50% off their clearance from 6-11am.

America plans on spending over $300 billion on Christmas presents this year – which sounds ridiculous… but is it? (and I won’t be able to answer that in one post.)

On the one side this is fantastic because it stimulates the economy – one has to spend money to make money.

Spending money on sometimes useful, often frivolous, and occasionally needed items in order to give gifts to people you care about is a good thing. (After all gifts are one of the essential ways we show people we love them.)
However, consumerism and materialism try to sway us from what Christmas is really about.

It is far too easy to overspend – so be wise and creative with your gift giving and spending over this next season. 

I think Thanksgiving comes before Christmas so we’ll remember all that God has blessed us with and what we have to be thankful for before the Wish and To-do Lists try to make us forget.

So as far as Black Friday goes… Do I feel that it was worth standing in line to buy an $18 book for $2?


More importantly – the joy of the adventure!


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