Colorful Cubicles… Beyond the Office Monotony

Cubicle life can seem like this…






Some people seem to try a little too hard to add color to their life…


(Not to mention the great use of office supplies.)





I recently described having an office job like rolling a rock around and hoping money comes out.

However, there is much good that comes from rolling rocks around. Especially if you are getting paid for it.

The ocean rolls rocks around and they become polished and beautiful. That is a free analogy for you to interpret. 

Be encouraged. Your seemingly monotonous job is actually doing something. Even if you can’t see it today.

Be faithful. I’msure you’ll figure out how to make your world more colorful and interesting without wasting a thousand post its.

(For my British friends – I am not talking about this kind of cubicle. Even though I do like the colors.)



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