The Dueling Garbage Trucks

My Mother and I walk almost every morning… (She walks EVERY morning. I’m the almost.)

Today found us walking our usual route in a quiet neighborhood, set in a valley between the mountains. My mother and I walk and pray and solve all of life’s problems in just over an hour and under 5 miles. This morning was  no different and we off before 6am.

We talked about the family, our church, and God’s plans.

We breathed in the air, let the sun rejuvenate our souls, and admired the beautiful, pink dog woods.

A little bunny ran under a bush.

A quail called for its mate.

We rounded a corner and we heard it! The loud engine whirring, rolling, crunching, crashing of this –

To which my Mother responded, “Oh is it Friday?”

We then continued our normal route, with the added adventure of attempting to out walk and maneuver the blue garbage trucks.

At one point one truck was coming towards us and another truck was coming from behind. The Dueling Garbage trucks – and we were stuck in the middle!

There was no where for us to walk! So we walk right down the middle of the street between the two trucks!

They both slowed down and the 30 year old driver with sunglasses, smiled and waved at us.


Our walk continued on as normal… just us  – with the addition of the big blue garbage trucks.


The Lesson Learned – Always smile and wave at the garbage truck drivers, you never know when you might have to maneuver around or between them!


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