The Job Hunting Diaries

Yesterday was my first official day of job hunting since I graduated in June.

(Don’t shake your head at me – I had a busy summer so far!)


I’ve applied to Nintendo & Starbucks – aim high and hopefully I’ll land something good on the way down is my hope.

Lessons Learned & Questions Found – thus far –

– Cover letters are ridiculous… what is the point!?

– Online applications take FOREVER… well at least an hour and a half.

– If I give you the information on my resume, why do I have to fill it out online?

Below I give you my first cover letter – Enjoy!

To whom it may concern at Nintendo,


Nothing in life can fully prepare a person for a job with Nintendo. In spite of this, I am applying for the job of localization writer/editor.


I could attempt to attract you to my resume with tales of my clever organizational skills, witty communication, and Zelda-worthy fact checking, but what good would it do? My resume will tell you the bones of my story. An interview would add muscles and sinew, providing you with details of my strengths in communication and my weaknesses (known as areas of opportunity) in lack of experience. However, I think it is during training that you are able to see a person’s real features. It is then that you will see how my previous experiences have given me tools to share with the team, and you in turn would upgrade them, like with the golden tools in Harvest Moon.


Work experience is important, however, dreams and creativity encouraged by hours on my Gameboy and SNES have done more to prepare me for work with Nintendo than the days spent in the dungeon of the windowless archive room or entering invoices in the cathedral-like quiet of the communications office.


If anything, I hope this cover letter has brought you, the human filter, a momentary reprieve from the mass of letters begging you for the opportunity to fulfill a person’s childhood dream of being a game tester. I am not one of them. Why test them, when the opportunity to create them is available?




Annie Mae Platter


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