The Job Hunter’s Diary III – The Art of Networking

The Art of Networking

Reality of a true job hunt – You are more likely to get a job because of who you know, not what you do. Skills are very important. Don’t get me wrong. This is my opinion and some rather interesting statistical results in some business study from such & such a college boring back it up. Your skills will motivate you to keep going and they will ensure you can actually do the job you’re applying for.

My advice – use your network!

You can spend hours… and I mean HOURS applying for jobs and you won’t ever hear back. But if you take the information your brother got for you at a friends going away party from some random person who works at corporate  – USE IT! Take an afternoon and meet the person for coffee, even if it is only to ask them about their job. You never now where it can lead.

I currently have a pre-interview for Amazon because I followed that exact advice.

Now the real question is… what do you wear for a phone interview? 

Happy Hunting


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