New Job – Week 1 – Lessons Learned

Every job is important. 

There are no small jobs, only small employees.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. 

I AM A PROFESSIONAL BUTTON PUSHER, cleverly titled, ‘Systems Data Analyst.’

Don’t get me wrong – this is not a complaint! I am going to absolutely REVEL in my few months I have with very little responsibility and even less human interaction. Those who know me will understand that I’m not boasting by saying this – I’m going to enjoy it because all too soon they’ll find out I actually have talent! But sssshhhhhh, don’t tell just yet. For now, I’m going to enjoy my peon status where I am responsible for moi!

Here are the top 3 Lessons learned after my first week –

ALWAYS make friends with the receptionists. They have ALOT more power than you ever imagined. Plus they know the juicy details about nearly everything… and they can open the door.

NEVER take someone’s chair… especially if they are new, you haven’t met them, their vest is hanging on the back of it, and you don’t bother saying anything to them when they return to their desk. (This actually happened to me day 1… I didn’t bother saying  anything, I just stood awkwardly at my desk waiting for him to return my chair.)

There is DEFINITELY a hierarchy in an office. Contracted employees are always below company employees (as was proven by the fact that I actually got kicked out of a company open house today, because the signs did not say OPEN HOUSE with refreshments “(excluding contracted employees)” – although maybe it did in the very, teeny, weeny fine print.  

What have you been learning?


P.s. Be thankful you have work and if you’re looking… Professional Button Pushing isn’t too bad!


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