We talk of the “Art of Letter Writing” as if it is an ancient tool, lost and out of reach, to our technologically minded – instant messaging – facebooking – emailing – texting – society.


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I just wanted to let you know – the United States Postal Service is still in business! Now that you have been made aware of this – you may start sending actual messages through the Post – called Letters.* This method is known as “Snail Mail” because it takes days to get instead of seconds in comparison to email.

Letters have a little more thought than emails, because of the time spent in sending them. But if you are really short on time – Post Cards are an excellent notion!

These “Ancient” tools are practical, simple, and affordable ways you can let someone know that you care- or don’t as the occasion requires.

Be creative! Write to someone – TODAY!

(I’ve been writing to at least one person a week since May! …well, almost.)

*A Letter – A thought written down on paper, which is then put into an envelope which is then sealed with spit, labelled with a physical address, a stamp is then purchase and placed in the top, left-hand corner (the stamp proves that you’ve paid for the cost of transport), and finally, you drop this parcel into a blue post office box! It is then delivered to your friend/enemy/love/relation by a person wearing blue shorts and tube socks.


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