Show Some Respect – VOTE!

I take a moment away from my life lessons and soul pontifications, to chastise the lazy, promote the Vote, and share some vicious rhetoric. Enjoy!

I recently talked to someone who said they don’t like Obama or Romney, so they are going to vote for Mickey Mouse.

That’s showing them!

The ‘tolerant-to-a-fault’ and ‘peace-at-any-cost’ people refuse to take a stand to promote marriage between a man and a woman or to protect human life. (Vote!)

If you don’t want to vote… there are a million people in Southern Sudan who would trade spots with you. As was proven by the people who walked for hours, under the threat of death, just to claim the right to vote.

Over 200 years of blood and sweat has been paid so that we, the people of the  United States of America, could have the right and privilege to vote. Honor and respect is due – VOTE!



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