The Happy Cynic


Christmas time has the power to bring a hint of joy to even the most serious cynic.

Sometimes, I like to think of myself as a cynic, but then I realize I’m an optimist who likes to know the truth. Hence, my insatiable curiosity comes across sometimes as cynicism, but in fact, I have merely used my wit and clever tools of rhetoric to give whomever I’m speaking with the opportunity to show their true colors.

This means that on many occasions, people reveal themselves to be only half as smart as they think they are and half again more selfish than they’d like to believe of themselves.

I am not going to regale you with tales where this has happened – because I know you have all had moments like this.

Rather, I shall leave you to ponder how to use these powers for good and not evil (which is more challenging for those of you who are true cynics). Christmas is an entire season that encourages generosity and good-will between people. So – what are you going to do this season to show people that you are kind and generous? Stop pretending like you aren’t – I know for a fact that a majority of you who read this blog are much nicer than you give yourself credit… in fact, when given the opportunity, you may find yourself to be above average in the important things.

Rather like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. The right amount of encouragement can bring out the best in the most serious cynic.


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