My Christmas Wish List

Some people think that wishes are silly… I think they are silly.

It has been proven that having hopes and dreams (i.e. wishes) actually encourages, motivates, and keeps us going!

I’ve asked several people what they’d like for Christmas and they just don’t know – My response – thats just silly! Giving gifts is a good way to show people that you love them.

To help you out I’ve attached my Christmas list which I actually sent to my family.

I might not get anything on my list besides gum and socks… but it isn’t about building expectations. Its the fun of dreaming over something and giving people ideas of how to show you that they love you.

My challenge to you – Make your own wish list! 

                                                                 (Read with Jingle Bells playing in your head! 🙂 

* An extra pair of headphones!  They don’t have to be super fancy – Around the ear works better for me because those funny looking bulbous ones don’t stay in my ears.

* Clinique “Spicy” Eye shadow – Nordstrom & Macy have them 🙂 

* My own bag of Stumptown Coffee (or some other yummy fun roaster)

* 4 leaf clover earring 

* Different size small to medium hair clips

* Cashmere Hats are always a DELIGHT

* Leather Work Gloves – For Spring not winter

* A cute girly flannel 

* MOM – re-wrap some old knitting needles and a colorful ball of yarn so that I can attempt to knit… it’ll be good for therapy

* A book of poems

* A stuffed dragon 

* A Small brass/metal/wood/yarn fish, donkey, elephant, lion… (Its for my Camille Saint-saens’ “Carnival of Animals” collection) and also a fossilBel5_1175

* The new macbook air, ipad mini with keyboard & wireless mouse, a new iTouch, and a personal chauffer with helicopter

* Some red socks 

* A set of real silver/bronze/steel/brass sleigh bells

* An Orange Challenger or Charger 

*A juicy sweet orange or apple, a beautiful tasty peppermint stick, some chocolate, and some gum. “Cause I like gum.”

Do not open


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