Freedom & Fish & a Ferris Wheel

Christmas is a time to remember that Jesus gave up ALL His freedom so that we could understand true freedom. (Ephesians 2:8,9) A major part of that is having the freedom to enjoy the life God has given us – today!

Betty Scott Stam was a missionary to China. She and her husband were killed for their faith in Jesus. She penned the phrase, “Hold all things loosely.” Betty knew the news of freedom in Christ was worth sharing – even to the point of losing everything, even unto death. (Read her story to find out how her daughter, Helen, should’ve died, but didn’t!)

Love is supposed to give us the freedom we need so we can be ourselves. Love that encourages truth and brings the light of hope into our lives.

It is challenging to transition from talk of a martyr, to talk of enjoying the Christmas season, however, Christmas is the herald of my freedom in Christ. So I am going to celebrate!

To celebrate the season my family and I went out and ate at The Fisherman on the waterfront. My awesome, thrifty Mom had a coupon that included dinner and a ride on the Seattle Ferris Wheel! It was a delightful and memorable evening. (If you go for the dinner – the salmon linguini was favored and the potatoes won over the rice!)

What are you doing to enjoy today?

– Make the effort – find coupon – get it on the calendar –

Remember the people who have made our freedom possible. Do what it takes to spend time with the people who love you in a way that sets you free to  just be and enjoy today.



2 thoughts on “Freedom & Fish & a Ferris Wheel

  1. Wedgwood in Seattle History December 10, 2012 / 6:09 am

    Do you mean John and Betty Stam? She was also killed along with her husband, but their baby daughter was rescued.

    • anniemaeblog December 10, 2012 / 8:41 am

      Oh thank you! I double checked my info and made the corrections (and it made for a much better post too). I had forgotten so much of their story. The Stams were amazing and inspiring people! Merry Christmas

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