My Expertise… Delight in the Moment


I can claim to be an expert on very few things.

However, I am an expert at delighting in the quiet moment surrounding the tradition of tea and coffee – especially when a good book, a well crafted mug, and a cute cookie are keeping me company.

International Philosopher and Apologist Ravi Zacharias refers to afternoon tea as a “Need-love” – it is a form of love that we need to fulfill in order to function properly.

I happen to agree with him. (I switch-hit between coffee and tea.)

Christmas time is a good chance for you to practice… after all – the only way you’ll become an expert is if you practice!

Try something new! Be brave and actually stop in the flow of your busy day and have a good cup of tea or coffee – not on the go, or working, or study – but while doing something leisurely. Enjoy!


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