In my room = Presents lost & found

Something about Christmas time that is very good and very challenging is having to clean and organize! Confession – I’m trying to actually get my room under control before the end of the year. After I moved home last summer I never was quite able to find storage for everything. I moved from a college apartment, back home and a single bedroom doesn’t have quite the same space as a 4 person apartment.

I  don’t have a very large bedroom. It is right under the eaves and slants from 10 feet to 5’5″ (I’m only 5’3″ so it’s perfect.) It runs 6’x15′ in length – some would consider it to be more of a hall than a bedroom – but it is all mine with a delightful window seat looking into the forest wild in our back yard. It’s quirky and adventurous, rather like its inhabitant. I have floor to ceiling books on one wall and 2 odd cubbies just off the room itself – one for my mother’s decoration storage and the other that holds my entire childhood. (Keepers, Smooshies, Popples, Pound Puppies, and other 80’s toys are just a few of the carefully tucked away toys.) As well as holiday decorations and a few of my siblings childhood keepsakes.

It is small and full – and I love it!

Somehow this last week I managed to lose the largest present I have purchased, thus far.

Tonight you would have found me crawling on my hands and knees, up and down the room, wondering where it could be. I found 2 of my favorite sweatshirts, a sandal, a mini zen garden, and a skirt. Not that it terribly untidy, it just has lots of hiding places!

(The delightful irony of this is that this particular present has been purchased for my most organized sister.)

From henceforth, the presents shall hide beside my dresser, after all, my younger sister never looks in obvious places for her presents.

P.s. I found the mystery gift hiding under the bed in a bag behind another bag and – I had to check it 3x before I found it.

Happy organizing and present hunting!



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