Twas the Night before the Hobbit

Twas the night before the release of the Hobbit,

and all through the Shire

The coals burned bright from each little fire

The stockings were gathered, for the day would be cold

Costumes are something for which I am not too old.

I lay in bed thinking of all that did matter

When Smaug in my dreams raised the worst clatter!

I sprang from the bed after hearing the crash.

Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,

When, what to my phantastic eyes should appear,

But Gandalf the Grey, and 13 dwarves with beer.

With meeting time planned and another flagon

The entire group met on the steps of the green dragon

Quickly and hungrily the adventurers came,

Gandalf whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!


“Now, Fili and Kili! Now, Oin and Ori!

On, Bifur and Bofur! On, Bombur and Dori!

Now, Thorin Oakenshield and Dwalin!

On, Nori and Gloin and Balin!

Follow the Mountains! Sneak by that old Troll!

Slip away! Flash away! Watch out for the goblin hole!”


As pipe weed that’s smoked while seasons fly,

Dreams haunt of an obstacle, they would meet in the sky.

On wings of eagles, (oh! I’ve gone to part number two

The film will pause before this has gone through…)


Biblo wakes, Oh – his head, he is lost under ground,

What is it that comes someone slithering, sinister bound.

He’s slippery and slimy, from his head to his claws,

And his skin is all clammy leading down to webbed paws.

A bundle of secrets, guilt on his back,

And he looked with wide eyes, secrets to unpack.

With riddles and time he kept Bilbo talking

Keeping the Hobbit in the dark, over what he was stalking 

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon let us know, we had everything to dread.

He spoke to himself, riddles in the dark

The cocky hobbit is lost in a goblin park

Cheating and suspicion caused such a flight

A magic ring kept Bilbo out of sight 


I woke with a start, smoke leaving the air

The Smaug of my dreams, was on a screen, out there somewhere.



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