TEDtalks & Healthy Living by Gaming

Christmas is the perfect excuse to play games – all sorts.

A lot of people look forward to playing games with their family and friends.  (I usually make my siblings play one of our old board games… and then my younger sister and I have some sort of RPG going on the N64 or Gamecube.) We, as a family, like to send each other TEDtalks as well.

This is a TED Talk you don’t necessarily want kids to listen to… before you do! Or else they’ll use their power of persuasion and new found information against you. So, prepare yourself – learn the ways and be wise! Scientifically proven…


Gaming Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life


(TED = Technology Education and Development = They hold international conferences where people share brilliant ideas in under 22 minutes! )

Jane McGonigal is a brilliant game designer. Her talk inspired me.


I hope it inspires you.


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