Boxing Day: Hang Worry on the Fence

The end of Boxing Day – I sat back and nerded out while listening to the beautiful Ryan Reynolds fall in love with the quirky and quick witted Sandra Bullock (I was listening to “The Proposal“). Cause everyone knows a romantic comedy helps when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. 


As I was pondering the next step… direction… desire… passion… necessity – I was reminded by this.

Do Not Worry


I hope – today – you and I can take Matthew 6:34 to heart.

Its good to make plans, move forward, pursue things, as long as you know that nothing will ever turn out the way you think.


More often than not this is much better than I would’ve planned anyway, and the few times I’ve been left wondering – I chalk those up as lessons being learned.

Rest, knowing that a good God knows what He is doing and wants to direct you every step of the way. Hang your worries on the fence and let the wind blow them away. (That’s for my midwestern friends who actually have fences and wind that blows things away.







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