To My Fellow Cogs and Wheels

My new job is at my old job (the joy of contract work)


Today I am thankful for many things

The joy of what has been.

The hope of what could be.

Today I am thankful for what is

I am officially employed at the amazing international machine called “AMAZON.”

I’m going to be one of those people who handles information between clients and their information – particularly regarding digital gaming – I make no claims to be a proficient on the topic, merely a fan.

I a cog in a giant machine.

Anyone who understands a little about machinery understands the importance of those little tiny wheels and cogs. Without them, the machine would function properly.

To all of my fellow cogs, who go to work or school, and sometimes feel unnoticed or unimportant – today I am thankful for you. You are the reminder that I can and will and must keep turning – perseverance and persistence – they lead to success.

game-as-artI am so thankful to be doing something other than data entry!

And for all of you who are doing data entry – God Bless you! Enjoy the hopefully short stint, I know there will be days where I miss it.


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