The Storm in my Soul, the Savior in my Heart

ImageWhen i’ve finally stopped muddling through the day… and my busy mind has no where else to go I find myself nearly frantic… finally meeting with the Lord.

My heart is racing and tears begin to gather as the restlessness within me stirs, the sea of my heart begins to storm as I cry out to the Lord

Things are not the way they should be… waves of worries, cares, and fears gain in size dashing dreams and hopes and plans against the rocks of time.

At times the storm of Life tends to draw focus on the important things, but in the calm it is my heart that has a storm. In my Spirit the tempest grows with passion like the wind, and love as consistent as the Seattle rain…

Jesus comes and calms the storm of my soul. With a Word, “Peace. Be still, my child.” I am like the ship on the Sea of Galilee, my Savior dwells within me. He is at rest even in the storms of life. When I am anxious and dismayed, it is then that He calms my storms.

Sleep comes to the most restless hearts, when the Savior is there to calm the seas.



One thought on “The Storm in my Soul, the Savior in my Heart

  1. Jenessa April 29, 2013 / 8:03 pm

    This is beautiful, Annie! Your blog is so encouraging and lovely to read. You’re wonderful! 🙂

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