“Single” Minded & the Red Ring of Death

I am 29. I am single.  I like jewelry. I like playing video games. I know God answers prayer. I also know that life is funny.

Now that we’ve set those things straight – this story will make more sense. Being who I am, I don’t mind asking the Lord for very specific things.

I occasionally have asked the Lord for a ring… admittedly while sneaking glances at sparkly objects under glass or hearing those annoying commercials from E.E Robbins and Shane Jeweler – that are just reminding me that I don’t have a significant other who is going to buy me jewelry. So I ask, “Dear Lord, at your convenience, I wouldn’t mind having a ring.”


In my boxed in thinking, I thought I could sneak in an attachment to the requested object – I assumed that a clever and hansom Christian man would come along with said ring.

This is where I do believe Psalm 2:4 comes into play, “God sits in the heavens and laughs.” I believe very lovingly and fairly often at me.

Having just started working in the gaming industry, I thought that acquiring an XBox 360 would be good fun, as well as add to my allure. (I hope you’re starting to chuckle.)

I found a used XBox on Craigslist!! $$ Woohoo…

It worked great – for a week – and then my prayer was answered and I received, very straightforwardly, the “object” of my desire – with no attachments.

Yesterday, my XBox gave me this… A Red RING!


It is the “Voldemort” of gaming known notoriously as the “red RING of death.”

I will fix it – thanks to this online tutorial. (I’ll let you know how that goes.)

In the mean time – the moral of this story:

Don’t try to sneak attachments onto your prayers – God knows exactly what you’re asking for!

– AND  –

Electronics do NOT make you more attractive. If you’re going to buy a gaming system – get it because you want to play games, for fun!


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