Flying Words & Walking with Jesus

Truth – Our words tear down or build up. (There are those people who speak words that do nothing… and, not surprisingly, no one remembers what they say. Kind of like the mime in the forest… no one really cares. No offense meant to the mimes.)

Confession, words escape my heart and fly past my lips far too often before I’ve properly considered their outcome. I am often forceful and they strike true… but did the do good? Or did they stir trouble?

That is a part of me that I struggle to give to the to Jesus. Thankfully He knows…

Today I’m clothed in Hope and Faith – enough to step out into territories unknown and face challenges unspoke – Often lonely, but never alone, because I walk with You, Jesus.

You have made me who I am (Psalm 139)… but sometimes I forget and my SELF has trouble with whether ‘ish’ or ‘less’ is the appropriate suffix (‘selfish’ vs ‘selfless’).

Thank you for the freedom You have given me in knowing You love me today and tomorrow and the next day. 

 And each day, You have promised (Philippians 1:6) to work in me to make me the best version of myself – more like You, of course – the beautiful reflection of my Maker, unique and multi-faceted, with depth and delight. 

My bold ways get me into trouble… but I am oh so very thankful that You are there to soften my heart and give me patience and compassion, even humility, when I would rather rush by the hurt. 


You are the peace in my sleep and You are the strength to face the new day.


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