A Valentine Story: Prince, Knave, or Dragon

For all of my friends – who should be receiving cutesy Valentine’s Cards from me – I make no excuses. Instead, I give you this story and hope it makes you laugh.

Love ~ Me


Once Upon a Time

… there was a beautiful, optimistic Princess.

She spent delightful seasons of life dreaming about her someday Prince. (Along with a few other dreams like going on quests, writing clever books, singing new songs, and solving big problems – while wearing beautiful shoes.)

The princess grew up and is enjoying her quests – dreaming and writing and singing and doing.

She met a Prince here, a Knave there…


The impressions they left were lasting.

Which is why,

this Valentine’s Day, she would rather be in the company of Dragons.

~ The End ~

Herbert & Princess



    • Thank you Erik! 🙂 I’m glad it made you laugh… only 2 months after Valentines Day which is pretty good as far as celebrating holidays go considering you’re postponing your birthday for 3 months!

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