The Deep Place… where God lives

A wonderful British woman named Jill Briscoe taught me (along with the rest of the radio listeners) about the deep place, where only God lives… and tonight I listened.

I sat down on the doorstep of my heart and thought about listening.

I thought about how full my heart was… the Lord has given me so much to fill it with… and then I try to shove alot of other things on top of it! With that thought came a tumult of cares and people and situations – most of which are out of my control. It was so loud that I finally burst into tears. When the tears stopped I sat in the silent loneliness of the moment.
On the doorstep of my heart, there is a loneliness that hangs about, like summer sunshine without any breeze – the air can get stale.

Just as I thought about leaving, I remembered – I am not alone.

“Where is Jesus? I know that He lives here.”

That was when I noticed the watering can sitting beside the garden of my heart… a twinge of guilt stung my heart, but with it awoke a desire even stronger. So strong, I had to act on it. Jesus loves to garden and He lets me help.

The watering can was full and I knew He wanted me to water the flowers of my heart.
The weeds were trying to steal the nutrients from the good seeds.
As I took up the can a delicious breeze kissed my cheek, so gently that if I hadn’t been about the Gardner’s work I would’ve missed it.

I heard Him somewhere in my heart, whistling while He sorted through a box of broken hopes and secret dreams… He know to keep and what to throw out.

I was anxious to get down to business, and see everything come to right, but sorting through the dust and disarray of love and hurt in life takes time.

He has given me a task and I need to do it.

So today, I water the garden of my heart with His living water and leave the heavy-hearted cleaning to the Lord.



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