Sometimes… I Just Need a Man!

I am a very self-sufficient person.   I know the difference between an allen, hex, and flathead. I bar-b-que enough to have the hair singed off my knuckles most of the summer – And I know how to tell if my meat is medium or well-done.   I wash Windows AND run Windows and MACwindowmac I have an xBox, Gamecube, GameBoy, and Sega Genesis.   I mow the lawn and weed eat the black berries…. with my very own husqavarna weedeater, that uses a 50:1 blend of gas blend.   I like wearing eye-liner and keeping my nails polished. 1943-rosie-rescue-4sep Turbotax and I have been friends for 10 years. I have a weakness for silver charms and a healthy love affair with my shoes.   I wake up singing old hymns – love music of all sorts – and my guilty pleasure Pandora stations are devoted to Josh Turner & Maroon 5. I prefer letters over phone calls and don’t take an offense if you take a day to text me back. I’m even learning to knit and play the piano.   Finally, I make acceptable biscuits, good pie, and fantastic muffins.

With all of these things going for me… you’d think I’d be perfectly fine on my own… however, there is something to be said about have a good looking man around.   They reveal a different aspect about who God is. “Male and Female… He created Them… In His Image.” *Genesis 1:27  

Together, we reflect the fulness of our Creator… thats why, sometimes, I need a man! manwoman ALSO… its really nice to have a man around to open stubborn pickle jars, reach the top shelf, empty the rat trap, go to the dump, advise me to not buy that random purchase, restock the woodpile, and then tell me that my hair smells nice 🙂


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