“Wahoooo…” and letting God Make the Plans

“When was the last time you went ‘wahoo’?” (Tim Robbins asks Meg Ryan this in brilliant film, I.Q.images

I think too often we let the burdens of shoulda-woulda-coulda & needto-haveto-mustdo decide for us.

Last night, I stepped to do something different. I was having a small celebration of a work success. It wasn’t anything really noteworthy. It was simply a job well done.

All of my friends were otherwise engaged, so I set out determined to enjoy the evening on my own. I had a well planned spontaneous evening planned. (Go ahead & laugh!) However, I do love it when God has a surprising bend in the road.

My Plans – A museum trip and solo dinner.. not too shabby when you’re going to the MOHAI 🙂 mohaiaerial

God’s Plan – A museum trip, followed by a boat ride on South Lake Union with strangers, who became friends over dinner at Ivar’s!

I saw snapshots of my new friends’ lives – the joy and heartache – while getting to share a little of my own.

As the sun was setting, we drove our boat back with laughter and good conversation.

I realized, all the more, knowing Jesus gives us more to share with people than we realize. And you never know when a spontaneous act like jumping on a boat with strangers or talking to someone at a coffee shop will give you the opportunity to let your Light shine.

LakeUnion_webSo I ask you, When was the last time you went “wahoo”?

Step out of the routine and take advantage of the life God has given you.

Be Spontaneous!


One comment

  1. Annie, had a day just like that too, and even on the same day! talk to you about it later, in the meantime I will leave you with a saying of Mother Theresa “I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”.

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