Disappointment… Divine Appointment?!?

That feeling.

We all know it.



The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

This is a humorous portrayal of that feeling ~


(I happen to feel with Kitty considering I LOVE peanut butter and jelly!)


The feeling of disappointment lingers… like an 87 degree day with no wind and you live in a house in the city with no air condition.

That uncomfortable feeling when nothing seems to help.

Sure there are lots of things that can be done… cold shower, a trip to the mall, ice cream. Those are just distractions. (I’ll give you a moment to ponder what you use to ditract yourself from your disappointment… momentary fun has subsides and now you feel either the same or worse. We aren’t dealing with things very well, are we?!)

Disappointment always comes back… and then our friends try to help. Oh bother.

The Disappointed person detest the pithy statements of well meaning friends. (*I love my well meaning friends!) Sometimes their timing is a bit rediculous.

They say things like, “It’ll be ok.” Or “It’s character building.” Or “You’ll get it next time.” Or “Maybe you should try online dating.” (No offense intended for those who are successful online couples… even you can sympothize with well meant advice that just doesn’t help.)

Someone (Ok. It was my Mom!) recently shared this with me and now I’m sharing it with you.

WHAT IF… Disappointment is actually a call for a Divine Appointment?!

“Disappointment is God’s way of getting your attention.”

                                                                               ~ Dr. Charles Stanley

Perhaps we should take a minute… stop living in the stagnant emotions… and actually give God your attention

Ask Him what He is doing. Let Him know He has your full attention… and then give it to him!

I’m in process of doing just that. Perhaps we could swap stories about what goes on…

                               I have a feeling the weather is changing.

(For those literary buffs, “Aslan is on the move.”)


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