A Dream in My Pocket


For the last 2 years I’ve carried a dream in my pocket.

In my wallet, I kept a plastic card with a reminder of my dream. (Fess up, even if just to yourself, you know you’ve done the exact same thing!) It isn’t important for you to know what it said. (Don’t ask, I’m not going to tell you. And yes. That is a quick movie reference to The Village.)

The card wasn’t the dream. It was the principle of carrying a message of hope about a dream, right there with me. A daily reminder of something that I was striving for.

This last week, I took the card and symbolically put it on a shelf among some other meaningful papers and whatnots.

Taking it out of my wallet meant that I’m not carrying it around with me all the time. Putting it on the shelf is as if I’m handing it over to God. He is good and He will take better care of my hopes and dreams than I have.

For now the place in my wallet is empty.

Hope grows where we plant our dreams.

~ Annie Mae

>Deferred Hope = God at work


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