Remembering Jack…

From Annie Mae's Library
From Annie Mae’s Library

50 years ago, C.S. Lewis, a.k.a. Jack, closed his eyes to the shadow of this world and woke in the glorious delight of what he described to be the Real World. According to Jack, it is in the presence of Jesus that reality can actually be understood. He so beautifully describes this in the book, “The Last Battle”. All that is good in this world is shown to be merely a reflection of the good found in the presence of God.

Thousands of people around the world continue to claim Jack as their mentor. Not to be left out of this absolutely inclusive and ever growing, elite group of people, I desire to learn from his passion and creativity. This last week the New York Times called Jack a “Polymath.” Brilliant. I want to be a polymath!

Aspiring authors know that we need to write about what we know. So what does it say of Jack Lewis that he wrote books like The Four Loves, Till We Have Faces, Narnia, and Mere Christianity? Lewis QuoteWorth asking.

If you haven’t read much by C.S. Lewis. Choose one – if you need a suggestion, start with Narnia and The Four Loves. The older I get, the better they are. And you must read the story by his step-son, Douglas Gresham, Jack’s Life. Its on my Must-Read book list.


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