If I were a Disney Princess…

I have a confession.

If I were a Disney Princess I would want to be Belle (rad dresses AND a personal library!!)… However, I am actually Snow White!!!

Annie Mae Disneyland 1988

and here is WHY –

– I wouldn’t mind wearing the same dress everyday, if it were the one with Superman colors

– She and  I sing while we work

– She talks to the animals in the forest and I talk to the animals in the Shire

– She and I both love nature and live in a little houses in the woods!

– She has 7 loyal friends and cooks for them… The friends I have are loyal and we all love eating food together!

– I LOVE apples

– I sometimes romanticize about going to sleep and waking up with all of my “problems” fixed

– I thankfully don’t have a wicked anyone after me… but not EVERYTHING has to match!

– When it comes to love – I like her style! I wouldn’t mind if a handsome, independently wealthy, confident young man, would just stumble into my life – He would take one look at me and know that I’m beautiful in and out whether I’m wearing my work clothes, play clothes, or Princess costume

– I actually still believe in the power of true love’s kiss, and I don’t just blame Disney. A good kiss, at the right moment, given with passion and love actually do make the world better… at least that moment.

– And Someday my Prince will come… Someday just isn’t today.


*All Rights Reserved on the picture of me at age 4, 1988, My first time in Disneyland!


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