Insights from the Cube #1 – The Power of Affirmation


We are adults and as adults we should understand that there is no reason for us to get high-fives and gold stars just because we sent an email to the right person by 3pm. There isn’t anyone at your place of employment who is going to pat you on the back because you finally understood what engineering was talking about when they referenced that one coding issue. (However, I actually am impressed when that happens.)

Those are lies!

We might know that affirmation isn’t coming in the form of raises, plus signs, or donuts. This doesn’t change the fact that we actually NEED affirmation in order to confirm the personal success along the way.

Do you realize the power you have as an individual to empower your colleagues to feel more successful?!

Yes, you! You may not have any ACTUAL power to change anything. You may not have any authority. But by simply saying, “Hey, nice job leading that call.” Or “Your email today had just the right words.” Or “Your report is in on time, well done!” You have just spoken life into your colleague’s otherwise dreary and unsatisfactory day.

Think about how much better you feel about a task when someone actually says, “Hey, thanks for doing that.” (Don’t get all sarcastic, thinking, “What? I was just doing my job.” Instead, take the encouragement.

Say, “Thank you.”

I dare you to try this on your next shift. Acknowledge someone’s small success and give out a gold star. But be careful, you might actually find yourself being sincere and interacting with people in a positive way! (Just wanted to warn you.)


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