LOVE – Something we do on purpose

My blog’s motto, if you will, is

“The vicious rhetoric from a truthful blonde on Life, Love, and Literature”

I have spent a majority of my blog writing about Life and Literature. So now, I will spend a few posts devoted to Love and Romance. I’m sure that I know an aweful lot, having grown up on romantic, albeit historical, fiction – knocking out ALL of Jane Austen, Francine Rivers, and Elizabeth Elliot before the age of 22. (Well… almost all of them.)

As is the course of Love and Romance, I have been properly loved and woo’ed with presents and chocolates and flowers – AND – I have been “properly jilted” (as Mr. Bennett would say), being left to cry my heart out in a Starbucks parking lot when Mr. Right decided I was Miss Wrong.

I divulged this information simply to give myself some street cred for what I’m about to tell you.

stick figureRelationships.

Fact #1: God made us for them. First to be in relationship with Him and second to be in relationship with one another.

Fact #2: Friendships of any form are an investment. We develop, build, grow or whatever-edifyingly-figurative term you’d like to use – on purpose! Accidental relationships don’t really happen.

I just read, “Love finds a way to express itself.”

So to help and encourage you to invest and express love in your relationships, my next few posts will be practical dates and romantic notions specific to Seattlites –

I title this section – My Favorite Summer Date Ideas

Hint – My next post I’ll tell you where you can get this – Icon Grill Cake




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