Seattle Summer Date #3 = Snoqualmie: The Falls and The Lodge

Any season, any kind of weather – rain, shine, snow, and anytime of the day – this is one of my favorite dates!

Snoqualmie_Falls_in_June_2008 Snoqualmie Falls has always been and will continue to be magical. You don’t have to “hike” the leisure tourist trail to the bottom unless you feel so inclined, or want to splash around. The views are magnificent from each point.

When you are ready for a break, wander over to the Lodge.

The Salish Lodge is, of course, beautiful! However, it is definitely too spendy for my idea of a summer date. A Little Known Fact: The Lodge actually welcomes visitors, even just for an hour. A local secret is that they have a visitors lounge (pictured below) that always has tea and often cookies and board games for anyone to pop in and enjoy. Or for a secret overlook – grab a coke in the 2nd story bar and cafe which overlooks the falls. Sit and talk for hours or just enjoy the view!Salish Lodge Lounge





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