Seattle Summer Date #4 = Ride the Ferry

This Date is made to appease the introvert AND the extrovert in your relationship. It has the potential for both adventure and solitude!

Seattle to Bainbridge Island

Seattle to Port Angeles

Seattle to Whidbey Island

or for a GRAND adventure Seattle, WA, USA to Victoria, B.C., Canada (This one uses the Clipper)

Seattle Ferries


It doesn’t really matter which trip you choose.

Riding the ferry is fun and romantic!

You can either just walk on and enjoy the ride, walk on and play at the beach on the other side, or choose to drive on and go exploring.

The ferry ride is inspirational and hopeful and beautiful, giving you a perspective of God’s Pacific Northwest handiwork that you normally don’t get to see.

Together, you feel like you are going far away, without actually going very far.


(Since I am an extrovert with chronic wanderlust, this date definitely wins points with my heart!)



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