Emma Watson, Feminism, and Faith

emma watson UNEmma Watson, the brilliant, young British actress who we fondly know as Hermione from Harry Potter has won the hearts of people around the globe once more. hermione gRather than winning us over with the studious perfectionism of the faithful and fictitious friend, she stood in the doorway of the world and won our hearts again, this time as herself with the confident compassion of a young woman who wants freedom and equality for men and women everywhere.

With her opening Speech to the UN, she took the United Nations  and the rest of us by the hand and lead us to a better understanding of a the cultural misconception of feminism.

I agree feminism is often said synonymously with man-hating. This is always a bad thing. Watson, thankfully, pointed out that it by definition certainly is not!

Definition: fem·i·nism
noun: feminism
“The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”

By definition, I most certainly agree with this feminism Watson speaks of. We are created different and equal. My absolute favorite part of her speech was her acceptance and encouragement of gender. The recognition and need for equality is absolutely necessary, but not at the cost of negating how God made us.

Just recently I was told at work by an off-handed conversation, “The sooner you give up your preconceived gender ideas, you’ll be a happier person.” (This statement was full of so many imposed thoughts and presupposed ideas, I hardly knew how to respond.) My response was to politely and firmly say, “I like being a woman.” That was the end of our conversation.

Watson’s call for action should echo in the hearts of Believers around the world. As Christians we know the Truth that we are made in the image of God, male and female. Too often Christians have used gender to condemn, control, or demean, when that in no way represents what God had in mind. As Sons and Daughters of God we have the same possibility for power, strength, beauty, and wisdom living inside of each one of us. Women and Men are created with the same purpose as God’s people meant to do good!

I agree with Watson, I want to see a better world in my lifetime with equal opportunities for all of God’s people around the world. It starts with you and me treating one another with Truth – Man and Woman – God created us. Now lets act like it. man and woman holding hand


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