The Passionate Pursuit of Contentment ~ New Year’s Day Reflection

Truth is arrived at by examining what IS rather than what is NOT. (Paraphrase; George MacDonald)

January the first in the year of our Lord Two -Thousand and Fifteen. (Admittedly that was fun and pretentious to write out in in its entirety.)

Confession: I am often discontent. Happy as I am in my circumstances, I find myself more often than not wishing for more… different… new… something other than what I have. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for what I have and so thankful for many aspects my life… I just want more. Which is the George MacDonald quote provoked such reflection. It is a very logical statement – focus on what IS not on what is NOT. Too often I focus on what isn’t and what I don’t have… I think this is the root of discontentment.

2015 goal… The Passionate Pursuit of Daily Contentment.

I am going to purposefully seek contentment in the details of my day, what I have, and what is – then trust God with the changes.  bible coffee

Other goals include finishing and publishing my book, traveling to the wilds of Ohio and England, refreshing my French and studying Greek, reading through the Bible a couple of times along with all of  books hiding in my room… However, I’ll save these goal details for other blog posts.


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